Thursday, June 12, 2014

Rainbow Honey: June Mystery Monthly Subscription Bag - mini
Here is a cool Monthly Subscription Box that I found two months ago! It is from Rainbow Honey. If you are unfamiliar with this brand, this is what they say about themselves: "Our products are designed and made in the US at the Rainbow Honey Lab in Clifton, New Jersey. Always free of Formaldehyde, Toluene, and Dibutyl Phthalate (the “big 3”), 100% vegan and cruelty free."
You can order the monthly subscription in a mini or a full size. I subscribed to the mini size. I was unsure at first if that meant that I would receive less items, or if it would be smaller portions. However, to answer that question: I received all the same items as the full size subscribers but in smaller portions. 
I received the June Mystery Bag last Saturday, and I am going to be posting about it today!  
In the June bag, I got:

  • 'Pikake' (5mL) Nail Polish: "Take your nails to a tropical paradise with this fun glitter topper!"
  • 'Rose Macaron' (5mL) Nail Polish: "Another sweet treat waiting to coat your nails in pink and glitter"
  • 'Ichigo' (5mL) Nail Polish: "This bright fuschia jelly glows with blue and purple iridescent flakes!"
  • Cuticle Balm(.15oz.) in 'Tea Biscuit': "Our beloved cuticle balm, enriched with vitamin E, will protect your cuticles and nailbeds! Now in an amazing (and delicious) new scent, Tea Biscuit! (please do not eat!)"
  • Perfume Rollerball (2mL) in 'Nucifera': "A new perfume in the works; reminiscent of the tropics and sitting on the beach...let us know what you think!"
  • Exfoliating Sugar Soap (14 grams) in 'Tea Biscuit': "Gently exfoliate your hands and feet with this moisturizing soap!"
  I will mainly be posting pictures and talking about the nail polishes in this review post. 

"Ichigo" by Rainbow Honey
 Love at first sight!! I couldn't wait to use this nail polish after opening the package in the car, so I rolled the windows down and started applying it immediately while sitting shotgun on my way to a family reunion! I had about 10 minutes before we arrived, and hallelujah, this polish dries so quickly, I was able to get three coats on in that amount of time!! I apologize for the poor application, but its the best I could do with all of the Michigan potholes in our roads! 

At first, I thought maybe this hot neon pink jelly was named after the character in the Anime cartoon "Bleach", (my boyfriend watches it) because that is the only place I have ever heard the word from. I searched Google, and pictures from that show and that character was primarily the only search result. Then I narrowed the search by typing in "Translation of the word Ichigo" and I found out that it means Strawberry! That made much more sense!!

This beautiful, glowing neon pink jelly has iridescent blue and purple flakies!
Next up we have both "Rose Macaron" and "Pikake." I used chevron vinyls that I received from Disturbed Potions when I made a purchase with her to create this look. I used the chevrons to keep the little blank window on my nail between the two colors.

To create this look, I used a pink base color near the tips of my nails and topped them with the glitter topper, "Pikake." Then I used two coats of "Rose Macaron" on the other side of the chevron vinyl.

"Rose Macaron" and "Pikake" by Rainbow Honey
 "Rose Macaron" is a light pink crelly containing small red glitters, gold hexes, and magenta circles.

"Rose Macaron" and "Pikake" by Rainbow Honey
 "Pikake" is a dense shimmering glitter topper containing white, light pink, light lavender, hot pink, and yellow glitters.

I was so excited to receive another rollerball perfume, since I loved last month's scent so much! I pretty much used it up, so I was able to start using this one right away for this month! The scent is so nice and refreshing!

I have not used the cuticle balm or the soap yet, but I can't wait to! 

I paid $12.95 total ($10 + $2.95 to ship) for the 6 items, and I say it was totally worth it! They send new and upcoming items, instead of dumping old and clearance items into their subscription mystery bags. Click this link to subscribe for next month's bag! Or if you want to get your hands on the same exact products for June, click on this link!

Here are Rainbow Honey's other social media links:
Thank you so much! I hope you enjoyed reading my review! Let me know what you think!

*This was not a paid post and my honest opinion was used. The opinions are solely my own and may vary from others. The products mentioned have been purchased with my own money, as part of a monthly subscription box.*

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