Tuesday, April 29, 2014

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Indie Review: Gothic Gala Lacquers "Lilac Dream" Thermal Polish

Hello Gals! I am going to review another indie polish that I won in the Accio Lacquer Blog one year anniversary giveaway back in December.

This polish comes from Gothic Gala Lacquers! (isn't that such a fun name to say over and over?)

Lilac Dreams
It's so funny because since this was in a prize pack, I didn't know much about the polish itself. I applied it at night, and took the pictures for it right away after applying a top coat and cuticle oil. Little did I know, that in the morning it was going to be a lighter shade of purple! I was so excited to have discovered that this polish was a thermal reacting polish!

Cold State
Warm/Hot State
Transition stage. This was how it looked most of the time, since it was still winter when I tried this polish out.
It goes from dark purple when its cold, and lilac when it is warm/hot. A very nice formula to work with. It's shimmering and reached opacity in about 3 thin coats.

Overall I am happy that I have won this polish! I have been eyeballing many of her other polishes from her store. She has some cool & nerdy polish themes, such as Star Trek, Doctor Who, and Wild Things!

Along with her store, she also is on Storenvy.

Here are links to Gothic Gala Lacquers' social media as well:

Thank you so much! I hope you enjoyed reading my review!

*This was not a paid post and my honest opinion was used. The opinions are solely my own and may vary from others. The products mentioned were won in a giveaway.*

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Two Gypsies Polish review

I have a review for Two Gypsies Nail Lacquer. I purchased the Full Fall 2013 Collection and the Full Valentine's Day 2014 Collection both in mini sized bottles. The package arrived quickly and was very cute and professional.

I love her cute logo polish bottle labels and business card graphics. She even included a nice sparky nail file!
Adorable little polish name labels too!

I will tell you all about the Full Fall 2013 Collection first. As of right now, the polishes are still available in her Etsy shop.

It comes with a nice selection of different colors. I actually purchased these two collections out of season, because the colors are so wide range and aren't necessarily just Fall colors or Valentine's Day colors, so they can easily be used year round. Combining these two collections gave me the chance to try out many of her polishes in different colors, with jellies, sheer shades, and holographic polishes too.

Wicked - I applied three coats to get the opacity of the bottle.
 "Wicked is a dark plum leaning brown creme polish with a hint of sparkly red, teal, yellow, gold, and silver glitters."

Blue Moon - I applied three coats.
"Blue Moon is an ultramarine blue polish with a jelly finish. with various sizes of red, blue, teal, and silver glitter."

This picture shows: Lake Glass, Bewitched, Love Spell, and Chilean Chocolate all two coats over white.
"Chilean Chocolate is a red brown polish with a silver shimmer that features a subtle holographic sheen in the sunlight." (On pinky, but shadowed)

"Lake Glass is a green jelly polish packed with gold, teal, blue, and copper glitter of various sizes." (On index finger)

The Full Valentine's Day 2014 Collection is so girly and romantic, with an edgy spin with "Bewitched"

"Bewitched is a deep wine red jelly polish packed with sparkly red and black glitters with flashes of green, blue, and purple sparkles." (On middle finger above, on top of white)

"Love Spell is a purple leaning blue crelly polish loaded with pink and purple glitters in hex, square, dot, and microglitter shapes." (On ring finger above, on top of white)

Two coats of Starcrossed on top of white.
"Starcrossed is a silvery light taupe polish with golden undertones and a subtle holographic shimmer." This polish didn't need to be on top of white, and can easily reach full opacity with three coats. Such a beautiful holographic color.

"Sweet Talk is a baby pink creme polish. This soft polish also features a gorgeous blue and purple shimmer." I am posting two different photos to show the blue-ish shimmer that this pink polish has! Amazing effect!

My favorite out of all eight that I bought is probably Wicked. I loved the dark purple-brown with all the red and teal and silver glitters. So beautiful. I think that this polish would probably match with many different outfits.

All of her polishes are wonderful, and with 3-4 coats, you can get the opacity that the bottles show. I love the sheerness in some of the jellies because you can see the squishiness and the layers of glitters. Glitter came out on the brush with no problem, no fishing required. 

She is currently shipping to the United States and Canada. Her Etsy shop actually opened on the same day that mine did, on October 4th, 2013! I was surprised to see this coincidence! How neat!!

Here is her Etsy shop, Two Gypsies Lacquer: https://www.etsy.com/shop/twogypsieslacquer
Facebook: Link

Thank you so much! I hope you enjoyed reading my review!

*This was not a paid post and my honest opinion was used. The opinions are solely my own and may vary from others. The products mentioned have been purchased with my own money.*