Thursday, February 27, 2014

Who is the girl behind Super Nails polish? Read to find out!

Hello to all my nail polish lovers!

I began making and selling nail polish last Fall, on Etsy. As I think of the reasons why I started, I remember a lot of it had to do with being frustrated about glitter nail polish from other retailers and drugstores. There just wasn't the right amount of glitter coming out with every stroke of the brush onto my nail. Instead of giving up on glitter nail polish toppers, I decided to join in on the fun and make glitter-packed polishes!

Now, I decided that I can use comics and nerdy culture for inspiration, since both my boyfriend and I are into that kind of thing. In deciding what to name my nail polish line, I went with "Super Nails" because I really like superheroes, such as Batman, Superman, and Iron Man to name a few. I am also inspired by Holidays/Seasons, and Food!

I love-love-love the idea of indie nail polish! Not only are you buying a safer product when you buy independent polishes, and the creation of an individual person, but you are also helping support them and their families.

I have always been artistic, and had an eye for colors - even some wacky combinations - so I know how much work goes into the designing of handmade items sold on Etsy, such as jewelry, artwork, and even nail polish! I used to make jewelry and teach jewelry making classes for 7 years, while I held the position as manager of a bead shop, here in Northern Michigan. I was planning on taking over the business, until sadly, the recession caused the doors to close.

Since I was planning on taking over the business, I had gone into studying Business in college. I am finally graduating this Spring with my Bachelors Degree. I have learned so much valuable information about customer service, marketing, and e-commerce that I am definitely bringing to the table (combined with my artsy skills), to bring you the best nail polish buying experience and customer service possible! I am developing "Super Nails" to be my full-time job during the present and in the future, and I want you to know how much I appreciate your time for reading through my blog and visiting my store, because it is the fruit of my labors! Thanks! ❤

My very first bottle of polish I ever made - It was "Neon Noel" for Christmas

My boyfriend and I. You might be able to tell our favorite superhero is Batman! The two pics on the right are from our local Comic Con last year, Yoda and then getting some of our comics signed by artists and authors. This year I will have my own booth at Comic Con, selling my nerdy polishes!

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