Saturday, September 13, 2014

Super Nails Update ~ Black Light Reactive Polish!

Hello Readers! It's been quite a summer! I had released some new polishes recently! I wanted to catch up with you on my new collections from since the last time I have posted (July 27th!) Sorry for being gone so long!

First up, I will talk about the polishes that came out near the end of July in this first blog post!

Dance in the Dark: Contains metallic purple shreds, black stars, holographic silver dots and hexes of all sizes, and black light reactive neon green and pink diamonds! 

 Swatches done by @whatthenails

 Swatches done by @jessface90x

Lucky Star: Pink, blue and gold dots, with colorful blue, aqua, yellow and holographic pink mini Stars suspended in a Scattered holographic base!

 Swatch done by @jessface90x

Swatch done by @whatthenails

Paparazzi: Black light reactive Neon Green, Pink and Blue Hexes in all sizes suspended in a holographic base!

 Swatches done by @whatthenails

 Swatches done by @jessface90x

Sunkissed: Neon orange translucent hexes, tiny iridescent, orange, and silver texture glitters, neon yellow hexes, and yellow stars! Also contains black light reactive neon glitter!

 Swatches done by @jessface90x

Swatches done by @whatthenail

All are available in my shop in mini (5mL - $3.99 ea) and full sized bottles (15mL - $8.99 ea)

Let me know what you think in the comments! Thanks for reading! <3