Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Super Nails Halloween pt. 2

How Lucky are you, Reader!? We have 13 more Halloween polishes to review for my new Halloween Collection! Can you tell this is my favorite Holiday?

Trick or Treat: Orange squares and Stars, Black and Lime Green hexes and Stars, and Purple diamonds and Skulls!
Available as this Black Crelly or as a clear glitter topper (Pictured Soon) Inspired by an old 2012 nail polish from Pop Culture Cosmetics, but with many twists, including...omg-drum-roll-please... Purple skulls!

Red Hot Devil: Clear Polish Base with Red triangles, and Black Diamonds, surrounded by holographic black glitters, and matte red hexes of all sizes.
Hoo! Sexy Devilness! This hot tamale can turn your nails into naughty lil' demons! The red triangles depict the tip of the Devil's tail, while the black diamonds are the Devil horns.

Poisoned: Clear Shimmering Duochrome Pink-Purple-Blue Polish Base with Magenta pink glitter and Holographic Pink Skulls!
This polish is so cute with the holographic pink skulls! Even better, it has a pink-blue duochrome shimmer! This polish won't poison you*, but it will put you in awe!

*Even though I use the safest 5-free formula, just don't ingest it ;-) Then it would poison you!

Jack-O'-Lantern: Clear Polish Base with metallic orange hexes of all sizes and black triangles.
Who loves carving pumpkins each year!? I do! You do! We all do! The best part is cutting out the eyes and nose because they are the straight edges of triangles! This pumpkin orange metallic glitter is accented with black "eyes and noses" of Jack-O'-Lanterns!

Frankenstein's Stitches: Green crelly base with black "stiches" (rectangle glitters), and swamp green hexes and square glitters.
I can hear Frankenstein moaning just looking at this eerie polish! The best part of this polish is that you'll end up with your own unique Frankenstein on each of your nails!

Costume Party: Clear polish base with black and rainbow glitter hexes and squares of all sizes and textures! Includes holographic glitters, matte and metallic glitters in all colors!
Super sparkly and festive! All of the different colors and textures and sizes of glitters represent the different costumes and people you will see on Halloween! Whether it's Trick or Treating, Dancing at a club, or going to a Costume Party, I hope everyone will have fun and be safe this year!

Candy Corn: Option of clear or white polish base with white, orange and yellow triangles!
As you may have seen on Super Nails IG account a week ago (@kseagale) I gave YOU the choice between clear and white crelly! After many votes, it has been decided to keep both options available! You can choose between the glitter topper or the white crelly on the Etsy listing! Just like Candy Corn, this polish has orange, yellow and white triangles! So cool!

Boo To You!: Clear polish base with black, holographic lime green, holographic purple, and holographic orange glitters suspended in a scattered silver holographic base.
Sink into this holo-goodness! Packed with holographic Halloween colored glitters, surrounded by scattered silver holographic base. Sparkles more in real-life than I could capture in picture, even on a cold Fall day!

Alien Encounter: Clear Polish base with micro green shimmer glitter, green moons and stars, and holo lime green hexes.
Do you believe? The Alien green moons, stars and mesmerizing lime holo glitters can be very convincing! ;-)

Go with the Glow: Translucent polish base with black and coral circles, and teal and lime green hexes of the same size. There is also micro lime green, black and glow in the dark micro glitters.
Not only does this polish look cool under the black light, but it also glows in the dark! This special polish can also be used as a textured polish or be smoothed over with top coat. Your nails will be the special attention at the Halloween Party!!

Witch Way to the Milky Way?: Shimmering Purple base with black stars and holographic silver and black hex and square glitters of all sizes!
So dense with shimmering pigment, but the black stars and holographic silver glitters still gleam through it. So mysterious looking! Reminds me of looking up at the sky on a cold, spooky night, shivering from both the chills, thrills and the fright!

The last two polishes tonight are more Autumn inspired, less Halloween-esque, however they are still very festive polishes for this time of year!

Harvest Moon: Clear Polish Base with Holographic Gold Moons suspended in holo orange micro shimmer, along with orange and yellow squares and hexes.

Falling Leaves: White crelly base with orange, brown, yellow, gold and black hex glitters of all sizes.
 Crunchy brown, yellow and orange leaves falling from the trees and landing in puddles, on sidewalks, and ground. You won't have to rake these ones from your nails, though!

All are available in my shop in mini (5mL - $3.99 ea) and full sized bottles (15mL - $8.99 ea)
Read Part 1 from earlier this week!
Let me know what you think in the comments! Thanks for reading! <3


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    1. Thank you! :) I hope one day you can! Good luck in the the giveaway! <3

  2. I really like Witch Way to the Milky Way?!!

    1. Thank you! :) It's one of my favorites, too! Good luck in the the giveaway! <3

  3. Love falling leaves! Such a unique polish

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