Sunday, September 14, 2014

Super Nails Halloween pt. 1

Boo! I LOVE Halloween! I hope you do too! There are so many new Halloween polishes I have created this year, that I am releasing them in two parts because it is taking so long for me to write up the listing descriptions and edit the photos!  Here are the first 6! 

Here Comes Halloween: Clear polish base with a mix of tiny matte orange, purple, black and dark green glitters!

This little charm is another micro glitter holiday-color mix that Super Nails is known for! (See previous Mistletoe'n'Snow & 4th of July!) The beauty in these types of polishes is that you can achieve opaqueness in only 2-3 coats!

Charming Vampire: Cerise Red jelly polish base with white fangs (triangles), silver glitter, black hearts, and red metallic shreds.
Whether or not you enjoy reading vampire books, or watching vampire movies and TV shows... this blood thirsty polish is sure to please! The pink-red jelly base is just the start! This polish applies so squishy and even, and the black hearts and "fangs" are showcased amongst silver glitters.

Witches Brew: Clear shimmering blue-purple polish base with purple and lavender stars, lavender moons, and purple glitters of all shapes and sizes, including matte, metallic and holographic glitters and some pink hexes, too!
Hold on to your broomstick! It is so hard to capture the mesmerizing shimmer in this polish in still shots! With two tone blue-purple micro flakies, two shades of purple stars, and purple moons, this polish will get you cackling in no time!

Pirate's Booty: Clear polish base with red, pink, orange, yellow, and black glitters of all shapes and sizes, as well as holographic gold coins (circles) and red skulls! 
Aaarrrggh! Inspired by those sexy pirate costumes I have seen in costume shops! The "Gold Coins" and red skulls pop against the mixture of pinks, reds, and black glitters!

 Jack Skellington: Clear polish base with white dots, black dots and large circles, black rectangles, white rectangles, and black bars for his lanky arms and legs! 
Inspired by the Pumpkin King himself! Jack sure can rock the pinstripe suit, so why not rock some "Pinstripe" nails yourself, with the awesome black and white rectangles!

Black Cat Crossing: Clear polish base with holographic black cat glitter, with black and holo silver micro glitter.
For those who love superstitions and black cats! So sparkly! The micro glitters can create a cool textured effect, or can be smoothed out with a coat or two of top coat.

All are available in my shop in mini (5mL - $3.99 ea) and full sized bottles (15mL - $8.99 ea)

Read Part 2 later this week!

Let me know what you think in the comments! Thanks for reading! <3


  1. These look great!! I've missed seeing your new releases!! :)

  2. I really enjoy how much thought you put into each polish and collection :D